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This is an about ME page.  So I figure I should let you know why I do photography.  We are all photographers now adays.  With cell phones and all the wonder they carry.   But one has to have the eye for photography and really make it talk.  I had the eye as a child watching my mother who was an artist and enjoyed photography as a hobby.  However photography for me did not come early as a choice in life, and really ended up being an accident as a career.  I was a busy father who coached my daughters softball for many years.  But when the day came that I had to step aside from coaching, so that she could grow as a player, I picked up the camera.  See, I am not a typical "Bleacher Dad".  For me, sitting on the sidelines was not an option.  The camera gave me a way to still be involved on the field, without "being" on the field.  Over a short time, parents began to see my images and loved them.  I was soon shooting every player and not just providing images, but provided graphic work as well.  Team plaques and banners, picture packages and more became popular with the players, coaches and parents.   However this was only the beginning.  As an avid cyclist and racer, I always loved seeing images in the magazines.  I added BMX and mountain bike racing to the image gallery collection.  My photography has spanned to include not just sports, but portraits, family, seniors, weddings, model profiles, commercial and much more.  What do I like most about photography?  Thats simple!  Hands down the best part of photography is the reactions I get from my photography.  The smiles and the memories captured in time.  A brides tear as she sees her falthers tears as he gives her away.  A softball players gasp as they see themselves frozen in the play of the game.  A client that is so stoked on their product photography they cant stop talking about it.  The racers pride as he sees himself crossing the finishline.  It's what emotion that comes from my clients is what drives me.  There is so much more to me, but lets not focus on me.  Let me focus on you and help make your memories something that graces your walls.

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